The Equine Experience: Healing From Loss

A new program starting July 2021!

More information coming soon. To get more info about our equine therapy, please contact our program director, Jordan Joanisse at

Dates of Session: 3rd Thursday of the Month for July to October (July 15th, August 19th, September 16th, and October 21st)

Time: 7pm-8pm MST

Location: Springbank Hill, Calgary, AB

Jodi Caskey has been in Calgary for 21 years. She has an extensive background in human services in Parenting, Disabilities, Grief, Trauma, Addiction, Harm Reduction, and Mental Health.

Jodi is a Therapeutic Yoga instructor and a Reiki Master. She has a passion for animals, hiking, baking, music, and dancing. A humanitarian at heart, she is happiest when she’s traveling and meeting people. Jodi brings compassion and inspiration to the board, she is a force to be reckoned with, sit with her….your life will be forever changed

Bryanne and Kevin Doyle have been working with horses for well over a decade. Brought to their path to overcome the struggles that their family was battling, horses became a conduit for healing, self-expression, self-awareness, and self-love. 

It wouldn’t take long for the couple to see how their equine path could benefit those on similar paths. Sharing and facing a gambit of marital trials, homelessness, child loss, infidelity, and more they soon saw that the wisdom or equine teachings could be a very powerful self-healing tool and have adapted those into a unique Equine Riding business, Discovering the Horse. Together they teach the four pillars of the company as peer guides, helping clients achieve heightened inner peace and greater self-love.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge for this event.

A maximum of 8 per session.

Horses are dependent on the exercise, some will be partnered with one and at other times guests will have one to one

Horses at Discovering the Horse although very seasoned with connection work, can still be unpredictable. Our staff will select horses that are best suited to the evening to enhance safety for both animal and human. We pride ourselves on having the highest safety standards in place for each encounter and take as many steps to as much risk as possible making it as safe as we can.

Vaccines are a very personal choice. It’s not DH’s place nor mandate to inquire about a clients personal, private medical information. DH’s job is to provide a safe, judgement free, supportive environment to all persons seeking connections to our animals.

This program is best suited for older teens and adults only

Yes, we offer loads of advice on how to dress for the weather

Parents, grandparents, anyone facing the journey of child loss, pregnancy loss, still birth etc. Anyone who has a table with an empty chair is welcome here

Each night will focus on a pillar that we have developed over 13 years of working with horses. There is too much to effectively cover in one night. Ideally yes, as this is a journey though Space, Energy, Pressure and Mind, however if there is a pillar that resonates more than another we welcome those who wish to pick and choose

Our core team is Kevin, Bryanne and two of our children Belle and Spencer. The property will be closed to the public, riders and any other guests to ensure the space is clear offering heightened support to our community.

Most the time will be spent with a small grouping of horses with the option to walk among the herd. If you are nervous then the experience will be adapted to your level of comfort. If you don’t like horses then this might not be the best fit. Horses are the conduit for the pillars that we are teaching. Learning from the horse is at the core of the program. We highly encourage those curious to try it…let us show you horses in a brighter, more connective light.

No need for boots per se. Sturdy shoes, clothing for the weather and a jacket. Refreshments will be available.

Capturing a moment that is personal to you is acceptable. We would ask that you refrain from taking pictures of other participants without their permission. This journey is a private one that some may not want published so respecting our fellow participants is vital. If DH captures a moment and we would like to use it, you will be asked and a media waiver will be signed.

Gathering after is more than welcome, in fact we encourage it. Conversation is a powerful tool and we welcome short gathering after the session.

If you have additional questions about our equine therapy, please contact our program director, Jordan Joanisse at