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You are Not Alone

Grief is an isolating experience but it doesn’t have to be that way. This journey is difficult but it is not one that you should be walking alone. You can talk one on one with a trained peer mentor volunteer who has walked a similar path. During this complex time of grief you can have a peer to stand with you as you face the storm….together. 

Our volunteer peer mentor sessions can be done remotely as well as in person. Your mentor will address your concerns, answer your questions, and show you that you are truly not alone.

If you are interested, apply to our program below (starting May 16, 2022) or contact Sarah Cormier, our Program Coordinator, and we will begin the process to match you with a suitable peer mentor.

Please note that our peer mentors are not to be used in replacement of formal professional support. Our peer mentors have been trained to offer peer level support only and do so on a volunteer basis.

Want a Peer mentor?

NOTE: we will be accepting application starting May 16, 2022.

Need Help?

Please contact Sarah Cormier below:

Sarah Cormier

Program Coordinator

Sarah’s (she/her) role at the Centre is to support our clients by:

  • Matching mentees with the most appropriate peer mentor
  • Assist you in scheduling/rescheduling/cancelling mentor sessions
  • Answer any questions you might have to make your sessions with our mentors go smoothly
  • Rematch mentees/mentors if the fit is a concern

Please note that Sarah’s role is strictly administrative and does not permit her access to personal mentee/mentor information. Sarah can be contacted at or by calling our centre at 1-(825)-205-7918 and using extension #106 for Sarah.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mentors are all trained peer volunteers who have navigated the journey through loss. They are not counselors or mental health professionals. They are bereaved parents who can relate to the journey and have the compassion and heart to support others through it.

You will be matched to a peer with similar lived experience. Once matched, you and your mentor will commit to a mentor/mentee relationship for a maximum of 3 months with biweekly mentor sessions. Sessions are typically about 1-1.5hours. Your peer mentor is there to support you and will not come with any agenda.This is your session and your mentor will walk alongside you.

We acknowledge that the connection between mentor and mentee may not always fit. Differences with others doesn’t mean either party is “bad” or at fault. If this happens the Mentor will not take it personally. Contact the Peer Mentor Coordinator for an alternate Mentor. Our goal is to connect you to a peer that resonates with you.


What is said during the mentorship session will not be shared outside of the relationship. Limits to confidentiality – if you are at risk for self harm or harm to others.


There is no cost. If you are financially able and feel the program is a benefit to you, we always welcome donations though this is not an obligation or expectation. The support you receive will not be impacted whether you donate or not.

All sessions take place via phone or zoom.


this program is partially funded by TELUS