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Fertility 6-Week Support Group

This 6-week group is a professionally facilitated, peer-driven group that is designed to discuss the many emotions that surface in a fertility journey, to learn ways to cope with the cloud of confusion and anxiety and to gain self-awareness and self-direction.

Who is this group for? Individuals and partners who are trying to conceive either naturally or through assisted fertility and are seeking additional support in navigating through the fertility experiences. You do not need to have been previously pregnant or experienced pregnancy or infant loss to attend.

Date, time and Location

6-Week Session Start Dates: March 14, May 24, September 8, November 3, 2022
Time We Meet: 6pm (MT)/8pm (ET)
Where: Online

Prerequisites and Groups to Join after

Prerequisites: NONE
Suggested groups to join after attendance in this group:
Fertility Drop-In Group

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