Post-Abortion Support Group

This group is a peer support group that allows individuals who have had one or more abortion(s) to connect in a non-judgmental setting. This group is focused on finding ways to cope during the post-abortion experience and is inclusive of all experiences because there is no right or wrong way to feel about this decision. We are here to support whatever you are feeling or coping with as part of the post-abortion experience.

We are an affirming, trauma-informed, pro-choice space. We define pro-choice as fully supportive of access to all pregnancy options including parenting, abortion and adoption. An important part of being pro-choice is to be non-judgmental of all choices.

Who is this group for? For individuals who have had one or more abortion(s) only

This group is in partnership with

Date, time and Location

Dates: March 15th / June 14th / September 13th

Start Time: 7pm

Prerequisites and Groups to Join after

No information provided

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