Inclusive Support Groups

These groups are designed to support the diversity of communities who experience loss. In this category you will find groups such as: Partners in Loss Group, South Asian Loss Group, LGBTQ2S+ Loss Group, Post-Abortion Group.

South Asian Pregnancy and Infant Loss Peer support group (in Punjabi)

We are a two-part peer group that allows individuals and parents in the South Asian community who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to connect in a non-judgmental and safe setting. Open to birthing and non-birthing partners.

Post Abortion Peer Support Group 6-Week Closed Group

We are a peer support group that allows individuals who have had one or more abortion(s) to connect in a non-judgmental setting. This group is focused on finding ways to cope during the post-abortion experience and is inclusive of all experiences because there is no right or wrong way to feel about this decision.

LGBTQ2S+ Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

We are a peer support group providing a safe, non-judgmental space for those who identify as someone in the queer community who has experienced some form of pregnancy or infant loss (open to birthing persons, non-birthing persons, partners, surrogates, donors, etc.). We are an affirming and trauma-informed space.

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