Stories of Loss

In 2019 we wanted to end the stigma around pregnancy and infant loss by sharing stories from our community members on Instagram. We have seen an amazing response and have made this a permanent part of our organization.

Beyond the Loss Podcast

We are incredibly excited to start a new initiative this year: podcasting! We expect this to grow a lot in 2021. If you want to be on the show, please send an email to social@pilsc.org.

Our Story

“I had a client just this week that started to cry and said I’m just so moved that somebody like you started this space for complete strangers and wanted to help us find peace and healing on our own journeys. Watching you and what you are doing is making me want to… read more

Client Testimonials

We are incredibly humbled to have so many positive reviews of the work we do. If you want to share a testimonial for this page, get in touch with us at social@pilsc.org