Beyond the Loss Podcast

Season 2 – Episode #1 – Real talk about Infertility

Content Warning: Mention of suicide 15:30 – 17:11

This week, Aditi and Danyelle are joined by Erin Keable to talk about her struggles of infertility and male factor infertility. Erin and her partner’s journey to be parents is a long and ongoing one. For seven years they have made multiple attempts through IUI and IVF. Erin is a volunteer with PILSC doing the social media postings as well as a co-facilitator of the new Peer Support Group for Fertility starting in the Fall.

For immediate peer support across each stage of the journey text our National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Helpline at 1-888-910-1551 or chat on our website.

Please share a bit about your journey and/or the work you do in relation to pregnancy and infant loss.
I am 35 years old and I have been going through the infertility journey for over 6.5 years; we have male factor infertility (teratozoospermia); we have done 8 times (5 using my partner and 3 using donor sperm), in Calgary. Flown abroad to new york to do 2 IVF using my partner; we have tried just about everything to have a child. I am a volunteer with PILSC doing the social media postings as well as a co-facilitator of the new peer support group for fertility starting in the fall

If you could go back in time and tell yourself something that you know now, what would you tell yourself?
I would tell myself that you are okay; to fight for yourself; that you have done nothing wrong to deserve this battle

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