Season 2 – Episode #4 – Real Talk about How Culture Impacts Grief

Even though loss connects us all, how we experience that loss is very different. A person’s culture can dramatically change the number of supports and obstacles that appear on their journey through grief. This week, Aditi and Danyelle sit down with guest Agnes Jensen to discuss the impact culture has had on her loss.

It was during this loss of her child Elliot that Agnes encountered the conflict between her own feelings and need for support with those of the Indian community and culture she came from. Agnes is the co-founder of After Baby Loss, an online community that nurtures and supports fellow Indian mothers struggling.

If you want to learn more about Agnes and her work you can find her on Instagram at @agnesrjensen or @afterbabyloss. Her website is
For immediate peer support across each stage of the journey text our National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Helpline at 1-888-910-1551 or chat on our website at

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