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God Will Hold You Until We Can

My pregnancy loss journey began on January 26th 2020 when I found out I was expecting. My fiancé and I were full of joy and love to bring another baby in to this world. ⁠

I was so excited, I let family know and applied at aurora midwife care the very next day. ⁠

Weeks went by, and I was 11 weeks pregnant I had some brown discharge and a few weeks prior I had bleeding and everything was okay and it was much more then so I was positive. However, I gave the midwife a call just to be on the safe side and she had gotten me into an ultrasound that afternoon. ⁠

During the ultrasound the tech was very quiet and asked if I had any discharge or bleeding, and my heart sank and it’s almost like I already knew the words that were following. “I’m very sorry I don’t see a heartbeat” My baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks and I had no idea.⁠

On March 18th 2020, I had my baby and got to hold this perfect little peanut and say goodbye whom we named Remington. ⁠

I was SO numb, it was a pain I had never experienced before ever in my life time. I felt so empty. My fiancé was right by my side for everything- the tears, taking the medication to pass the pregnancy, every single thing. ⁠

I had tremendous support from Aurora, the early pregnancy assessment unit at south health campus and my own family doctor. ⁠

It’s been 4 months and it’s been a long journey, but the support and love from friends & family is what has got me through. I am looking forward to the next silent hopes memorial as a part of closure. ⁠

Thank you @__embauder for #Sharingmystoryofloss with us ⁠


💜 No matter where you are in your journey of loss, call or text the Pregnancy Loss Support Line for immediate, anonymous support 1-888-910-1551 💜

every story matters

The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre is a non-profit registered charity that helps families connect to support on their path to healing after pregnancy or infant loss.  Families like yours can work with us and get support with a variety of services that hold space for your unique story. No matter at what stage of your parenthood journey you find yourself, your story will be heard here.

If you are ready to share your story, or you need help with your journey, get in touch with us.

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Join us on June 23rd for the

3rd annual PILSC Legacy Run/Walk

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