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Summer Baby

As a teacher with a December birthday, I would’ve loved nothing more than to have a summer baby. When I discovered I was pregnant in November 2018, I was so excited about our July due date: a summer baby, just like I always wanted.⁠

We planned to tell our family at Christmas, tell our friends during the New Year…life was wonderful & we couldn’t have planned it any better.⁠

Fast forward a month later…none of those things came true. We spent my birthday in the hospital running tests because I worried about the amount of spotting I had seen the weekend before, when medical professionals treated me like an overly anxious first-time mom. How right I was to go because by that afternoon we knew: there was no heartbeat, our baby had died. I was told to go home, to take it easy – but it was my birthday, & the last thing I wanted was to sit in the silence of my home.⁠

I ended up labouring in a restaurant bathroom (I didn’t know that labour would still be involved before the 12-week mark!) & my husband rushed us home to have me deliver in our bathroom, amidst the screaming & the sorrow. We didn’t know we’d have to make the painful decision of flushing our baby down the toilet or throwing his remains into the garbage, a decision that haunted us for months after our loss. We didn’t even have a name yet, we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl, we just knew that we had him for a few weeks & now he was gone.⁠

Healing afterwards took a long time- heartache, tears, therapy, grief. I channeled my pain into creating cards for my past self, the words of comfort I wish someone gave to me, & To Logan with Love was born. ⁠

Almost 2 years later, we still miss Logan every day (the name we chose posthumously. In our hearts know he was our little boy & who will counter us otherwise?) but we are determined to give his life purpose, no matter how short his time was on this earth. ⁠

And that summer birthday? We still celebrate in our small way – & sometimes a warm breeze passes & Logan says ‘Hello’.⁠

Thank you @tologanwithlove for #sharingmystoryofloss with us 💜⁠


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