Loss of an Infant?

This journey is not easy. Our team has also experienced infant loss, we can relate to your experience of being overwhelmed, devastated and lost. You might be reading this asking yourself “what now?” We have been where you are. We are here to support you on your path toward healing.

Below is a list of healing resources that our team members have accessed, or wish that they had access to, after their loss.

  • Reading stories of loss may help to reduce feelings or loneliness, or isolation. Although no one will truly understand how you feel right now, you may find some stories relatable to your own experience of loss. Reading stories can help you to begin your journey through grief . You are not alone. Our community includes people who have a shared experience of losing their baby or infant. 
  • Connect in real-time with other bereaved parents from our community who have walked this path. Our pregnancy loss support line is accessible seven days a week, 9am-11pm MST. Our volunteers have also experienced loss and are trained to listen to you and honour your baby. 
  • Join our peer groups. Our groups are facilitated by mental health professionals and people who have also experienced loss. Join us once or twice a month to connect with others along your journey.  We recommend joining the grieving without living children group, or the grieving with living children group after pregnancy loss. 
  • Book a session with one of our mental health practitioners to take care of your mental, emotional and spiritual health throughout your grief journey. Sessions are designed to meet you wherever you are along your journey. During sessions you will develop tools to help you navigate life after loss.
  • Book a somatic healing session with one of our practitioners. These services focus on healing your physical body and include reflexology, acupuncture, yoga or an appointment with our registered Midwife, Tamara for a post-loss assessment. All somatic sessions are virtually facilitated at this time.
  • Read our blog post about how you can ritualize your loss. Developing a ritual after loss may help you remember and care for your baby and your wellness after loss. 

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