Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre

Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Support Centre

We help people connect to support after infertility, pregnancy loss or infant loss

Our mission is to support and connect individuals who have experienced the trauma around miscarriage, stillbirth, Termination For Medical Reasons (TFMR), abortion, neonatal loss, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), or infertility.

We acknowledge that the journey through loss towards healing is as complex as it is individual. As such, we offer many no-cost pathways to healing including a helpline, support groups, peer mentorship, and professional 1:1 sessions.

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Our Programs

Our services are FREE with both virtual and in-person options available. We acknowledge that the journey through loss towards healing is as complex as the individual. We offer programs to provide support that all parents can access no matter what stage of the family building journey they are in (acute grief, trying to conceive, pregnant after loss, parenting after loss, etc.)

Professional Support

There is no one path to healing. That is why we offer options for 1:1 support from our Certified Counsellors as well as our Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach’s so that you can choose the path that is right for you.

Certified counsellors offer traditional psychotherapy techniques such as CBT, narrative therapy. Counsellors are certified to evaluate and treat mental health concerns and diagnoses. 

Certified coaches are not therapists and help clients identify challenges, then work in partnership with clients to work toward a future that they feel at peace in. Coaches support their clients through powerful questioning and deepening of perspectives.

Peer Group Support

Having specialized groups at every stage of the journey is a key part of our mission.

Support Groups
Connect with other individuals who have walked a similar path to your own in a group setting for community support. Weekly and monthly options available.

Social Connections
Join us in-person to connect with others in a casual and social environment.

Ambassador Groups
These are similar to our social connections, and hosted in rural communities by dedicated and trained volunteers. 

Specialty Workshops
Join us for professionally facilitated Art Therapy, Grief Circles, and other special workshops.


Peer Support

This journey is complex and not one you need to walk alone. Speak to our dedicated team of 1:1 peer volunteers today.

Peer Mentoring
Connect 1:1 with a trained peer mentor who has walked a similar path to your own.

Connect anonymously with a trained volunteer through our text/chat helpline for immediate support.

Honor Your Journey

by memorializing your special day on our calendar

Every day of the year, somewhere, a family is going through a pregnancy or infant loss journey. Families who want to honor their journey in a meaningful way are encouraged to support our Legacy Sponsorship program so that other families grappling with the heartache of pregnancy or infant loss will get the support they need. Sponsoring a day of the year that’s meaningful to you gives you the opportunity to dedicate one day of our Text and Web Chat Helpline support in your baby’s name.

Upcoming Events

Checkout our upcoming events!

Fur A Purpose Fundraiser

September 15, 2024


Love Lives On: A Community Family Photoshoot

September 22, 2024


What our Clients have to say

We have been where you are. We can relate to the roller coaster of emotions. This is why we started PILSC: to help others going through loss. We see you because we ARE you.


"[The pregnancy & Infant loss helpline] is so critical to making sure I know I am not alone and that my experience is validated" ~Helpline Client
"The handful of times that I sat with [coach] in session were honestly some of the most powerful experiences in my life"~Coaching client
"My partner and I attended a support group and met a few people who had really gone through miscarriages, and although we had a different experience than them we all were able to connect and share a sense of grief and support together in a very welcoming environment" ~Group Support Client.
"I am blessed to be a volunteer on the center’s helpline. This is a role that I knew would assist me with my grief, as I have always found peace in helping others. What I did not expect was that my spirit would be awoken in ways that would allow me to further my own healing journey. This role has been transitional for me" ~Volunteer
"It’s not a club we ever wanted to be part of, but there’s so much support and understanding at PILSC" ~PILSC Client
"This centre is an answer to so many needs, and an incredible way to bring together a much needed community. The team works hard to create a safe, inclusive environment and offer a huge variety of services" PILSC Client
"I am incredibly grateful for each volunteer on the other end, supporting and upholding me in so many ways when my grief is all-consuming and isolating" ~Helpline Client
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Our Supporters

PILSC has been incredibly blessed to receive so much support from the media, partners and friends. Learn more on our donors and partners, and in the media pages.

Book with Erin Winters

In order to book with Erin, please contact us at info@pilsc.org

NOTE: Refrain from providing detailed personal information when emailing us. Feel free to describe your challenges in brief, and leave out personal details that you only wish to share with Erin.