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Are you unsure of what to say to someone who is grieving a profound loss? Do you worry about unintentionally saying the wrong thing and causing more pain?

Introducing “What to Say TO Someone Navigating Loss and AS Someone Navigating Loss,” a compassionate and practical eBook by grief and loss experts Aditi Loveridge (she/her) and Danyelle Kaluski (she/her). Drawing on their years of experience supporting grievers and training grief coaches, Aditi and Danyelle guide you through what to say – and importantly, what not to say – to someone navigating loss.

After a close family member passing, we were on the hunt for a unique memorial piece to hold them close. Remember Me In Resin was created to provide beautiful keepsake pieces to remember your loved ones or a special memory.. for a reasonable price!
Breastmilk, ashes, umbilical cord, placenta, pregnancy test, clothing, hair, etc! 
10% of all proceeds using code “PAIL” will be donated back to Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre!

Bee cottage fibre art was named in honour of the owner/artist’s second child who was lost to miscarriage. A shop favourite wall hanging has been named in honour of the artist’s third child, also lost to miscarriage. To help bring awareness and support to those grieving the loss of a child, bee cottage fibre art is donating 5% of all proceeds, and 10% of proceeds from the PAIL awareness collection, to the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre.

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I created the rainbow collection after I had a difficult time finding bedding for my own rainbow baby’s nursery that fit with the colour scheme, and wasn’t overly bright and cartoonish. Each quilt is handmade by me. It is perfectly imperfect and made with love.

$15 from every rainbow quilt sold will go back to PILSC.


Peach & Poppyseed was named after the sizes of the shop owner’s two babies lost to miscarriage. They say grief is love that has nowhere to go. The shop gives the owner a channel to direction her grief in a positive way. Through P&P she promotes awareness and donates 5% of all proceeds to Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Centre.


10% of all proceeds from products is also donated to the Centre.

Thank you Loft Designs!

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NOTE: Refrain from providing detailed personal information when emailing us. Feel free to describe your challenges in brief, and leave out personal details that you only wish to share with Erin.