Our Team

We are incredibly blessed to have grown such an amazing team in such a short time. Every single member of our team has dedicated their time to helping you heal, and find a new path through the journey of loss. 

Interested in joining? We would love to hear from you! Visit our contact page and send us an email.

Our Board

Aditi Loveridge (she/her)Founder

Danyelle Kaluski (she/her)Co-founder

Roopa Khanna (she/her)Treasurer

Jena Colpitts (she/her)Donor Relations / Legal Advisory

Dr. Kyley Hunt (She/her)Director of Somatic Supports

Sara Lapp (she/her)Board Member Director of Corporate Relations and Fundraising

Dr. Stephanie Cooper (she/her)Medical Advisor

Amen Dhaliwal (she/her)Director of Small Business Relation and Fundraising

Tolu Rosanwo (she/her)Secretary

Our Practitioners

Aditi Loveridge (she/her)Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach

Kate Koei (she/her)Counseling Therapist

Danielle Lemky (she/her)Counseling Therapist

Syrina Daisy (she/her)Loss Coach

Sara Lapp (She/her)EMDR Therapy Provider

Lisa Piluschak (She/her)Reiki Master

Candace Stephenson (She/her)Yoga Teacher

Erin Winters (she/her)Psychic Medium

Kerrie (she/her)Reflexology

Tamara Lacelle (she/her)Registered Midwife

Jenne Newman (she/her)

Our Support Team

Melissa Sulley (she/her)PILSC Chair for Ontario Chapter; Ontario Peer Support Program Manager

Shelagh (she/her)Centre Administrative Assistant

Sarah Cormier (She/her)Helpline Coordinator

Jordan Joanisse (she/her)Client and Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteers

Lee Adam (he/him)Volunteer - Peer Group Facilitator

Melissa Fakunle (she/her)Social and Marketing Volunteer

Yasmin Dadey (she/her)Volunteer - Marketing Department

Erin Keable (she/her)Group Facilitator - Fertility Journey

Cong Luo (he/him) (they/them)Social Media volunteer

Andrea Gleed (she/her)Volunteer Group Facilitator

Jen Hoch (she/her)Hotline Volunteer & Peer Mentor

Courtney (She/her)Hotline Volunteer

Donette (She/her)Hotline Volunteer

Anne B (She/her)Hotline Volunteer

Cait Reynolds (She/her)Hotline volunteer, Peer Mentor, & Peer Group Facilitator

Rosanna (She/her)Helpline Volunteer

Helena (She/her)Hotline Volunteer

Samantha (she/her)Hotline Volunteer

Steven Peard (he/him)Group Facilitator - Partners in Loss

Helen Williamson (she/her)Group Facilitator - Grieving with Living Children

Francis Kordov (she/her)Group Facilitator - Grieving with Living Children

Heather Hooge (she/her)Peer Support Program Manager and Group Facilitator - Difficult Decisions

Kristina Santone Difficult Decisions Peer Support Group Facilitator

Lauren Gratto (she/her)Difficult Decisions Peer Support Group Facilitator

Leslee Bossert (she/her)LGBTQ2S+ Peer Group Facilitator

Robin Salmon (she/her)Parent and Baby Group Facilitator

Sue Balaz (she/her)Coping with Initial Grief after Loss Peer Group Facilitator

Jenelle Anders (she/her)Hybrid Peer Support Coordinator

Kaylyn D (she/her)EST Group Facilitator for Parenting Without Living Children