Our Team

We are incredibly blessed to have grown such an amazing team in such a short time. Every single member of our team has dedicated their time to helping you heal, and find a new path through the journey of loss. 

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Our Board

Aditi Loveridge (she/her)Founder

Danyelle Kaluski (she/her)Co-founder

Melissa Boisvenue (she/her)Board Member

Funke Ipaye (she/her)Treasurer

Kim Dueck (she/her)Secretary

Jennifer Forrest (she/her)Board Member

Advisory Board

Dr. Stephanie Cooper (she/her)Medical Advisor

Dr. Kyley Hunt (She/her)Somatic Support Advisory

Our Practitioners

Aditi Loveridge (she/her)Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach

Moneka Robinson (she/her)Counselling Practicum Student

Kate Koei (she/her)Counseling Therapist

Tamara Lacelle (she/her)Registered Midwife

Erin Winters (she/her)Psychic Medium

Annie Hussain (she/her)Art Therapist

Joëlle Croteau-Willard (she/her)Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach​

Frances Kordov (she/her)Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach

Alexandra Goojha (she/her)Counselling Therapist

Our Support Team

Shirley Lai (she/her)Social Media Coordinator

Cait Reynolds (She/her)Helpline Virtual Peer Supervisor

Larissa Coquelle (she/her)Alberta Centre Manager

Jennifer Hammer (she/her)Support Group Specialist

Aruneema Malik (She/Her)Social Media Assistant

Nova McGillivray (she/her)Peer Coordinator

Ashton Bennett (she/her)Helpline Virtual Peer Supervisor

Sabrina Legare (she/her)Program Support/Helpline Virtual Peer Supervisor

Arielle McEwen (she/her)Peer Mentorship Coordinator

Sarah Duncan (she/her)Calgary Support Coordinator

Iryna Slipa (she/her)Calgary Support Group Coordinator

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50/50 Raffle

As part of our June 25th Run/Walk Sunday June 25, 2023 we are holding a 50/50 Raffle! Participating in this Raffle is open to everyone in Alberta. 

This is the perfect way to participate if you can’t attend the run/walk in person.

Want to join our Run/Walk? Visit this page

Book with Erin Winters

In order to book with Erin, please contact us at info@pilsc.org

NOTE: Refrain from providing detailed personal information when emailing us. Feel free to describe your challenges in brief, and leave out personal details that you only wish to share with Erin.