With Your Help, We can End the Stigma around Loss

Whether you’ve been a part of this community from the start, or you’re just getting started on your loss journey, you belong here. With your support, we can build a centre that will end the stigma around loss, unite a new generation of leaders and volunteers to move us forward, and work together to change how families deal with loss. Your contribution will impact someone along their journey. Choose your contribution below.

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Provides 12 people access to one of our monthly peer support groups

Provides 1 mental health session with our practitioners

Provides 100 peer support conversations over our pregnancy loss hotline

Provides 1 session of EMDR therapy to a client who could not otherwise afford this service

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Make a monthly contribution

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Support our Team and Raise Awareness about Pregnancy Loss




Allow us to build More Programs and Services for Families




Play an important role in ending the stigma around Loss




Help us shine light on Stories that need to be heard

Other Ways to Contribute

Donate your Recyclables

Your generosity helps reduce the isolation, stigma and mental health challenges individuals and families experience after pregnancy or infant loss. By donating, you are helping to provide options that support individual healing, so people can heal in their own way, and on their own terms.

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Our Sponsors

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Book with Erin Winters

In order to book with Erin, please connect directly with our Program Assistant, Shelagh via email at shelagh@pilsc.org

NOTE: Refrain from providing detailed personal information when emailing Shelagh. Feel free to describe your challenges in brief, and leave out personal details that you only wish to share with Erin.


Shelagh (she/her) brings with her a solid background as an admin in a variety of areas from business, academia and now with a charitable organization with the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Center. She feels passionate about working in a role that benefits others in the community.

Shelagh was exposed to bereavement and deep grief at an early age and it left her with a profound sense of how fragile life is and how we need to find joy and light wherever we can. She feels privileged to be able to take this sense with her into her role with PILSC while putting her strong admin skills to good use.