Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre

Group Observation Policy

**Please note that a trained employee or practicum student of The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre (PILSC) may attend a portion or all of the program(s) you are registered for. You may have some questions about this. Please see below:

Why is a student or other PILSC employee attending my program/service?

The Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Centre (PILSC) is always striving to change the way pregnancy and infant loss are viewed and treated in society and improve supports and services offered for the pregnancy and infant loss community. One of the ways we do this is through providing training and observation opportunities for our trained staff as well as for practicum students in the human services field. It is also important for our team leads/coordinators to attend and evaluate our programs as they are offered so that we can be sure that we are providing you with the highest quality of support and care.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in allowing our students/staff to be involved. Please know that in supporting our students and staff, you are playing a vital role in the development/improvement of programs and in developing human services professionals with a greater understanding and knowledge of caring for the pregnancy and infant loss community. Our students and staff are keen to learn how to best support our clients and are grateful for your time.

What is the students’ or employees’ role in observing my program/service?

  • To ensure that our programs and services are adhering to PILSC vision and values;
  • To evaluate the program(s) for quality of service/support;
  • To gain new insights and ideas to improve our programs;
  • To learn about the needs of the loss community and how best they can support you;
  • To learn about group structure and process;
  • The student/staff observing the group will NOT be there to comment on your experience, to pass judgment or advice, or participate in the program other than as noted above.

Can the student/staff member talk about me outside of PILSC after attending my program/service?

No. All staff and students of PILSC are bound by confidentiality guidelines and may not share any information you share in the program outside of PILSC. There are very extreme circumstances (i.e. imminent risk of harm to yourself or others, child abuse) in which confidentiality may not be able to be maintained, which will be discussed with you beforehand.

What if I am not comfortable being observed?

You have options. You may opt-out of attending your group for that session and welcome to try one of our open groups, as well as utilize the helpline or FB messenger group. For any art therapy groups, you have the option to do a one-on-one makeup session with the facilitator.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions or concerns?

You can contact our Operations Manager, Danyelle Kaluski, at or 1-(825)-205-7918.

(Last updated June 29, 2021)

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