Peer Support Groups Navigator

Having specialized groups at every stage of the loss journey is a key part of our mission.  Our groups are designed so that you can access what resonates most for you in this current season of your life. What resonates now may change as your journey does. No matter where you are on the loss journey, there is a group support option for you.

Initial Grief

These groups are designed to support you as you navigate the grief. You are welcome to attend these groups in the early days of loss as well as come back to them during the days and months when your grief is heavier to carry.

Trying to Conceive

These groups are designed to support you as you decide to try, or are actively trying to conceive after previous loss or fertility challenges. There are unique challenges for this part of the loss journey and we are here to support you.

Pregnant After Loss

These groups and workshops are for those who are currently pregnant after previous loss. This journey is complex and not one you need to walk alone.

Parenting after Loss

These groups are for those with living children either before or after loss. Parenting after loss is complex and it is powerful connecting with others who can relate to the journey.

Partners in Loss

These groups are for the partners in loss. There are some that are solely for partners and others that partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Partners deserve to be supported through loss and we are honoured to offer this space.

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