Professional 1:1 Help

There is no one path to healing.

We offer options for 1:1 support so you can choose the path that is right for you.

Aditi Loveridge

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach

Aditi Loveridge (she/her) is a certified coach, mindfulness meditation teacher and owner of Her work includes supporting people who have experienced loss, are trying to conceive after a loss of any kind (pregnancy/infant loss, failed IVF, missed adoption), are pregnant again after loss and those still struggling after the birth of their baby.

Aditi’s coaching sessions can help you to reconnect with trust so that you can step beyond anxiety and fear. Sessions will support you to feel empowered in your healing and in your journey.

Aditi is honoured to support individuals and couples through the long-term impacts that loss can have.

*Please note that Aditi’s sessions are available no matter where you live, including those residing outside Alberta.

Availability: Worldwide

To book: email Aditi directly at or use our contact form to get in touch.

Candice Kutyn

Registered Social Worker

Candice Kutyn is a registered Social worker and holds a Bachelor of Social work degree.

Candice’s own parenting journey began with loss. She would go on to have three living children and four more whom she did not get to meet. She relates innately to the feelings of isolation, grief and stigma related to the trauma of pregnancy and infant loss.

Candice’s own experiences lead her to a career in helping others heal. There is no one size fits all approach to therapy and healing. Candice works from a holistic approach, taking into account an individual’s entire story. This includes childhood experiences, family systems, relationships, trauma, oppression and the impacts of societal expectations.

Candice holds space for your grief and your joy, your struggles and your triumphs. You are the expert in your life, and Candice would take it as an honour to be a part of your healing journey.

Availability: Alberta Canada only

To book: book online through Janeapp by clicking the button below.

Syrina Daisy

Grief Coach

Syrina Daisy (she/her) is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, and Transformation Weekend Master Trainer.

After losing her son, Alex, in 2008, followed by a pregnancy loss in 2009 Syrina started her journey to heal her heart and that’s where her lifelong passion to help others started.

As a grief coach, she walks with her clients through some of life’s most difficult transitions, and she does it with incredible grace, compassion and love.

Syrina is extremely honoured to be a part of an organization that provides so much support to the community.

Availability: Worldwide

To book: book online through Janeapp by clicking the button below.

This program is partially funded by SIDS Calgary & Canada Diagnostics Centres