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Healing After Loss: Creating a memory box

What to add to your memory box?

Creating a memory box of your baby can bring so much comfort. It is a safe space that may bring you a sense of healing and comfort.

Helpful suggestions to add to your memory box

  • Pictures. Including ultrasounds, the day your baby was born and any milestone pictures you may celebrate in honor of your baby. Add any pictures that resonates with you.
  • Letters. Write a letter to your baby and share all of the things you wished to tell them. Write a letter to them on their Birthday or any milestone.
  • Blanket. Did you have a special blanket that swaddled your baby or hoped to swaddle your baby?
  • Hat. Did they have a specific hat they wore?
  • Stuffed animals. Do you have a special stuffed animal that reminds you of them?
  • Dried florals. Do you have dried flowers from their birth or Funeral service you want to keep safe?
  • Hand + Footprints. Include their beyond perfect hand and footprints.
  • Hospital wristbands.
  • Pregnancy tests.

 Add any item that reminds you of your baby in your memory box.


You are not alone. There are many resources available to help. Please visit our website for more information or to access our pregnancy loss support line available 9 am-11 pm MST 7 days a week. 


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