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Episode #17 – Don’t Struggle in Silence – I Am Resilient

This week, Aditi and Danyelle welcome five authors of the upcoming book collaboration “Don’t Struggle in Silence – I Am Resilient” to share their unique stories of pregnancy loss and their healing journeys. “Don’t Struggle in Silence – I Am Resilient” releases May 2, 2021 and books can be purchased through the publisher at www.ashleykpittman.com.

The authors:
Aimee Rivenbark @aklealea123 – https://www.instagram.com/amielandsauthor
Aime Lands @amielandsauthor – http://www.amielandsauthor.com
Michelle Smith @Miracle_Speaks – https://www.instagram.com/miracle_speaks
Aviva Solson- avivanronen.solson on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/avivanronen.solson
Jasmine Welch -@Hustle52weeks – https://www.instagram.com/hustle52weeks

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