Season 2 – Episode #5 – Kelly Hurley

Rituals and ceremonies help define our lives. There are so many rituals for new babies – first-month photos, baby showers – but none for when a pregnancy ends in a loss. This week, Aditi and Danyelle speak with Kelly Hurley, a Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrant, about her practice of providing space and structure for grieving families to celebrate and process their loss through ritual.

Kelly- Ke/Lee Hurley- Her/Lee

As a certified Life-Cycle Funeral Celebrant, Kelly serves families as a ceremony and ritual guide. For those special goodbyes that are needed when experiencing pregnancy or infant loss, she companions parents providing After-Death ceremony and ritual guidance in a hospital, home setting or funeral home, Remembrance rituals for pregnancy loss; funerals and memorials. Kelly became a Celebrant after a career of counselling people undergoing loss, trauma and mental health challenges. Her soul’s purpose is to be a ceremonialist of a new age and keeper of the sacred for all who love, grieve and transition; and for all those who don’t have a voice.

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