Beyond the Loss Podcast

Season #3 – Episode #6 – Real Talk with Sarah Cormier and Gillian Hatto

This week, Danyelle sits down with Sarah Cormier and Gillian Hatto to talk about and demystify the perception around SIDS/SUDI/SUDC. SIDS is a difficult topic with a lot of baggage behind it. How do you find a community afterwards? How do you manage the community you come from, who often don’t have the tools or right words to help you? How do you begin the healing journey?

Sarah and Gillian have fought hard to raise awareness to SIDS/SUDI/SUDC, joining the SIDS Calgary Board and creating foundations in memory of their children that support other families suffering the devastating loss of a child. Sarah is now the Helpline Coordinator at PILSC and Gillian looks forward to hosting the next retreat for grieving mothers through Hazel’s Heroes.

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